1. I’ve had an awesome plan, inspired by this new book I’ve bought; Magnum Contact Sheets.

    Basically the day of the Contact Sheet is done, however there is nothing to stop us creating them digitally.
    I saw something recently on a website where a guy said that he was going to stop posting all his favourite shots and instead post whole rolls. His thinking was that some people liked shots which he didn’t so why shouldn’t they make the cut?

    Well I’ve started thinking the same thing. Instead what I plan to do is resize all the pictures from a 36exp roll and use Lightroom to resize it to a 35mm negative and paste everything to Paint and create a “Contact Sheet” from that.
    This way everyone will be able to see all the photos from a single roll in one picture. I’ll post an example when I get back from my travels to show you what I mean.

    I like this it sounds like a good plan. It’ll take time though. 

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